Theo’s app is going places

You’ll remember Theo, the first student we mentored. Over the last six months he’s been building a Android app to show what’s on events in TVs around town.

We’re delighted to announce that Theo’s app is now live in eight Eastbourne hotels including the Cavendish, Mowbray and da Vinci.

It’s now part of a much larger project, called EBNow, backed by Eastbourne’s Town Team, the Borough Council, Chamber of Commerce and Hospitality Association. As well as the TV app, EBNow also has a website designed for mobile phones.

Theo’s off to college in September, but he’ll be continuing to work on the app. He’s been joined by Robert Price, another amazing software developer. Adam McNaught-Davis and I are helping too.

We think this project shows what we’ve been saying all along. Eastbourne is full of talented students and there’s a will to make things happen.

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