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Do tank

What’s the need?

The lockdown means we all need to do more online, but many people and businesses lack the skills and cash to get connected. Plus TechResort needs to continue its face to face coding and making sessions somehow.

How we’re tackling it

We’re finalising details for this project now, and it’s likely to include:

  • remote sessions for young people, creating an environmental monitor and the software to run it
  • virtual seminars and how-to videos for individuals and businesses
  • socially distanced 1:1 sessions at our Eastbourne HQ, using long cables and monitors to share the screen of someone sat 2 metres away
  • funding bid to MHCLG to explore cheapest and best ways to provide kit and connectivity

We see a lot of “think tank” type conversations about the digital skills gap, but our small and nimble set up allows us to quickly try ideas out. So we think the name “do tank” fits this project.

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