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Our mission

TechResort was founded in 2013 to make Eastbourne a great home for digital, tech and creative people


We’re a Community Interest Company which means our profits and assets are used solely for the public good.

Our board of directors come from different parts of creative and digital industries. Most of the people who work for us volunteer, and everyone at TechResort is in it for the good of our town.

We’ve completed countless projects over the last seven years, and you can see the highlights here.

How we help Eastbourne

  • contributing to local and regional discussions on the subject of digital skills shortages and how to address them
  • working with schools, colleges and employers to link tech education to local skills needs
  • running hands-on workshops for people of all ages to enthuse them about the possibilities that creative and digital skills have to offer
  • helping with skills development for teachers, community volunteers, public sector staff and businesses
  • lending our skills and equipment to develop the practice of local artists who want to use more digital assets in their work
  • helping local entrepreneurs realise their designs and inventions with specialist help
  • directly employing local young people, helping them develop both technical and soft skills for their future employment
  • offering adults flexible work to accommodate health and other needs, to help them build their work

Our sessions and workshops

Technologies are always evolving and more cross over between disciplines occur.  As a result we try and encompass as wide a range of subjects as we can in our workshops. Things like:

  • animation
  • app development
  • block-based coding languages
  • digital music
  • electronics
  • games programming
  • microcontrollers
  • photography
  • robotics
  • single board computer applications (eg:  Raspberry Pi)
  • 3D design and printing

See our latest workshops on Eventbrite

For businesses and community organisations we also offer workshops in business continuity, project management, basic data management, office software skills and basic cyber security.

Any questions?

If you have a question, or if there’s something we can help with, please get in touch.