Our creations: Last Station Lighting Rig

Artists Elise and Mary needed a Light Installation at short notice for their Last Station project – “.. a complex multi-disciplinary arts project inspired by the maritime landscape that surrounds the British Isles ..”

We supplied them with two strips of 300 NeoPixels individually programmed using an Arduino microcontroller. This allowed them to construct a 3-sided red, white and green ‘Light Wall’ where individual colours flashed and faded in and out in accordance with pre-set sequences. Code was specially created to allow the sequence to be optimised on site according to requirements.

The wall was successfully installed at an installation in Southport in 2017 and later reprised at the Towner in Eastbourne in 2018 (where the ease of re-programming was proved by implementing an on-site adjustment).

Here’s an idea of how the lighting installation was used in a gallery in Southport

Made and coded by: Sam