Time to take the Pledge

Organisations and businesses from across Eastbourne gathered at the Towner this morning to sign the TechResort Pledge.

The Pledge is a pretty simple statement, but it should have a huge impact. You can read it here.

The idea is, simply, for Eastbourne to pull together and grow its creative and tech economy. Our young people will get more opportunities, our businesses will get the help they need to grow. Companies from elsewhere will see Eastbourne as a place they can do business. Working together we’ll create new higher paying jobs that will make a world of difference to our town.

I learnt the other day that Eastbourne’s average salary is approximately £5k less than the South East average. That’s having a big impact and we all need to start addressing this.

Sign the Pledge

If you’d like to sign drop us a line and we’ll catch up.

Supporters so far

You can see a full list here which we’ll keep up to date. The most important thing to remember is that support is cross party and broadly based. It’s vital that all sides get involved.

Thanks to…

  • The Towner for being great supporters and hosts of today’s event
  • Phil Burrowes at Avant Photographic for recording what we’ve been up to
  • Everyone who came along today
  • The TechResort directors for their wisdom and time
  • My partner Petra for continued awesomeness

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All photos by Phil Burrowes Avant Photographic

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