Will your organisation sign our pledge?

We’re currently circulating a pledge (see below) to see if businesses and organisations across Eastbourne will sign it.

The aim is pretty simple – to get people talking about this work and focus our efforts around common goals.

You won’t be committing yourself to specific things – we’ll consider these as a group at a later date.


The pledge

We will help grow the creative, digital and tech sector in Eastbourne to provide a better future for our town.

We’re doing this because…

It will diversify our economy. New higher paid jobs will be created – which will start to challenge the low wage issues that all seaside towns face. In time we will do our bit to address the creative, digital and tech skills gap across the UK

We aim to…

Grant every child and teen in Eastbourne the opportunity to play, experiment, create and learn using up to date technology. Give every adult digital skills so that they have the confidence to play a part in our changing world. Help local creative, digital and tech companies overcome the challenges they face to grow. Signpost entrepreneurs to the finance and support they need to create new products and services. Encourage world class creative, design and tech companies to choose Eastbourne as a place to do business

We’ll do this by…

By starting small with initiatives like our code club. Young people are already inspired and we can build on that. We like measuring and experimenting. We quickly get to know what works and doesn’t so can move fast. We’re open and collaborative. TechResort and its supporters want to meet like minded organisations and we’ll share and grow together.


Supporters so far

The following organisations have said they’re willing to sign the pledge.

Locate East Sussex
Urban Industry

Stephen Lloyd MP
Councillor Caroline Ansell
Councillor David Tutt