Help us help our students

TechResort’s code club and mentoring programmes are starting to make a real difference to Eastbourne.

Talented kids and teens are getting the extra help they need. In time they’ll help to grow local creative, digital and tech businesses and so boost the local economy. Everyone living here will benefit.

Please support our work

You can help us support talented local students. We’ve teamed up with and the Cabinet Office to launch a special funding campaign.

  • A one off donation of up to £10 will be matched pound for pound. So it’s worth £20 to us
  • A monthly direct debit of up to £10 will be matched for six months, meaning we get £120 altogether

Donate today

To donate please visit and click the ‘donate now’ or ‘pay monthly’ buttons.

We’re eligible for up to £12,000 in match funding and it would be great to get the whole lot. So please help us keep pushing until the Cabinet Office runs out of money 🙂

Thanks so much for your support. Every pound you give will give our students a better start and ultimately benefit Eastbourne.

Thanks to Avant Photo for the great image above.

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