Donate £10, we get £20!

Lots of you have asked if we accept cash donations. We absolutely do and there will soon be a perfect time to chip in.

On Tuesday 13th October our friends at are launching their annual ‘Grow Your Tenner’ campaign. Anyone who chips in a tenner will have it DOUBLED.

If you want to give more you can. The best way to max out your money is to set up a direct debit of £10 per month for six months. Your money will be matched every month.

Yes this is for real. You can find out more here.

Don’t give just yet!

The money matching doesn’t start until Tuesday 13th October. We’ll post nearer the time and again when our fundraising push starts.

Please help us by spreading the word. The more tenners we get, the more we can help Eastbourne’s great students.

Last year we raised about £500 which doubled to £1000. We’d love to top that this year.

Thanks to Avant Photo for the great image above.

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